Kit: GoodWE GW10K-ET Plus + Dyness Tower T10

1 x GoodWe GW-10K-ET Plus + 1 x Dyness BDU + 3 x Dyness HV9637, 288 V, 10.65 kWh

Hybrid three-phase voltage converter with two MPPTs and 10.7 kWh battery

Inverter Features:

  • The inverter is asymmetrical
  • Innovative solutions for energy storage
  • Waterproof and dustproof according to the IP65 standard
  • Free monitoring on a computer or smartphone
  • Integrated charger and voltage converter
  • Full power up to 45°C
  • Quiet operation without a fan
  • Wide battery voltage range
  • The device works in network communication mode, even independently of the distribution network
  • Compatible with high voltage batteries

Battery features:

  • Battery capacity: 10.7 kWh
  • Usable battery capacity: 9.59 kWh
  • Lithium-iron-phosphate (LFP) technology
  • Nominal voltage: 288 V
  • Charging/discharging current: 22.5 A
  • Weight: 146 kg
  • Degree of protection: IP 54
  • Dimensions: 900x504x380 mm (H/W/D)

Package contents:

  • Converter (1x)
  • Wall holder (1x)
  • Smartmeter with three CTs (1x)
  • Positive connector MC4 ( 2-3x )
  • Negative connector MC4 ( 2-3x )
  • Positive battery connector (1x)
  • Negative battery connector (1x)
  • Screws with studs (4x)
  • Screw with flat head (6x)
  • PE eye (1x)
  • Tubing (12x)
  • AC terminal block cover (1x)
  • Manual
  • 1x Tower BDU
  • 3x HV9637

Warranty registration link:

Data sheet

Product dimensions (mm)
504x380x1062,5(Dyness) + 516x415x180(GW)
Package dimensions (mm)
4x(580x480x390)(Dyness) + 680x540x270(GW)
Weight including packaging (kgs)


Datasheet Dyness Tower

Download (278.9k)

Test report UN38.3

Download (2.63M)

Dyness Tower test summery UN38.3

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Dyness Tower CE certtification

Download (275.4k)

Dyness Tower certtification EN

Download (116.87k)

Dyness Safety datasheet

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Dyness Tower user manual

Download (3.91M)

GoodWe Certificate EN62109

Download (1.95M)

GoodWe CE conformity

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GoodWe manual

Download (3.01M)

Datasheet GW_ET PLUS+

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Dyness_warranty terms

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Dyness_quick reference guide

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