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lory.png Delivery to an Address (Delivery Organised by Photon Energy)

  1. Goods up to 2,000 kg, up to three pallet spaces
  1. Goods with a total weight of up to 2,000 kg occupying up to three pallet spaces are delivered by our forwarding partner, who provides a collection service. The forwarding partner has up to four working days for delivery in the Czech Republic, depending on the delivery location. Delivery within other EU countries may take longer, but from our experience are usually completed within five working days.
    If the goods are in stock, they are usually sent within two working days after the order is confirmed or the advance payment has been credited to our account.
    If you are interested in tracking the shipment with a tracking number, please contact us at eshop@photonenergy.com, using the following format in the subject line: Tracking number: SO_PE T CZ_220XXX (order number). We are currently working on automating the entire process.
  1. Goods over 2,000 kg, four or more pallet places
  1. Orders that contain goods heavier than 2,000 kg or exceed three pallet spaces must be handled by SOLO vehicles. The process of arranging this type of transportation is more complicated than ordering a collection service, and therefore the process of confirming the order may take a little longer.

home.png Pick-up at the Photon Energy Warehouse

If you choose to personally pick up your order from the warehouse, the goods will be ready within two working days after the order is confirmed or the advance payment has been credited to our account.

Information regarding goods prepared for collection is sent to customers in a separate email and can also be found in the user section of the order overview –> (update in order´s status) goods are ready for pick up.

The goods must be picked up no later than three working days after the preparation of the order.

You can find information about the pick up point here.

ADR Orders

All vehicles that pick up shipments containing dangerous goods must fulfil the conditions for the transportation of dangerous goods (ADR agreement – https://www.mdcr.cz/Dokumenty/Silnicni-doprava/Nakladni-doprava-a-mezinarodni-osobni-transport/Freight-transport-(1)/Transportation-of-dangerous-goods-agreement-adr/Agreement-ADR-2021).