HUAWEI Smart PV Optimizer SUN2000-600W-P (Box-20Pcs)

HUAWEI Smart PV Optimizer SUN2000-600W-P (Box 20Pcs)

Allows the module to increase the output from the system. Mainly used for panel installations with partial shadows affecting one or more panels.

With its use, maximum performance can be obtained for each panel. The optimizer works only with Huawei brand inverters, compatibility with individual inverters is listed in the technical sheet, in the download section.

High efficiency & FusionSolar app support

  • Max. efficiency 99.5%, weighted efficiency 99.0%
  • Minimizes system losses
  • Can disconnect individual modules separately
  • IP68

Technical parameters


  • Rated power: 600 W
  • Absolute maximum input voltage: 80V
  • MPPT operating voltage: 10 - 80
  • Max. input current: 14.5 A
  • Max. efficiency: 99.5%
  • Weighted efficiency: 99.0%
  • Overvoltage category: II


  • Max. output voltage: 80 V
  • Max. output current: 15 A
  • Output bypass: Yes