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Photon Energy has now added Solinteg inverters to its portfolio and has become their official distributor in the Czech market. In our offer you can find an array of photovoltaic inverters with power ranging from 4 kWp up to 50 kWp. Solinteg is the first brand on the market to offer a hybrid inverter with an output of up to 50 kWp.

About Solinteg

Solinteg was founded last year by veterans of the solar energy market. The company, whose name is a combination of the words ‘solar’ and ‘integration,’ offers photovoltaic inverters, energy storage systems and monitoring equipment that provide complete solutions for renewable energy in residential, commercial and industrial applications.

The Integ M Series of Inverters

A key part of Solinteg’s offering is the Integ M series of hybrid inverters, which includes inverters with outputs of 4–12 kW and 10–20 kW for residential solutions and 10–20 kW and 25–50 kW versions for commercial installations, with the possibility of connecting up to 10 units in parallel.

Efficiency and Flexibility

Solinteg inverters are characterised by excellent technical parameters in a reasonable price range, easy installation and compatibility with Dyness and Pylontech batteries, which you can also find in our portfolio.

The Solinteg Lab in Brno

Solinteg not only invests heavily into research and development, it is also very responsive to customer feedback and questions and continuously improves on its products. Another advantage for Czech customers is that the company has a branch office and showroom in Brno.

Photon Energy and Solinteg collaborate closely and can thus offer their customers not only high-quality products but also excellent support.